Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Personality of the Prophet of Islam

by Husain Saidi

2016 Feb 09

Husain Saidi’s book describes the personality of the Prophet Muhammad — one of the greatest historical figures who brought about immense changes in the humanity’s destiny. The Messenger of the One and Only Allah was a religious and political leader of his community, a courageous and talented warlord, a wise strategist and tactician, a reliable contract partner, whose honesty won a good name for him even during the pre-Islamic period; a just and unbiased judge and also a caring and loving husband and father. All that is about him, Muhammad, the founder of Islam, the most important and loved person for every Muslim, a role model and an example of exceptional morals. Nothing escapes the author’s attention: his physical appearance; his daily habits and inclinations; love for purity and thorough body care, as well as his recommendations in this regard; his mannerisms, behaviour, morals and ethics. The author emphasizes the Prophet’s compassion towards the destitute and his just treatment of the wives, children, companions, neighbours, ill, travellers, widows and orphans, friends and enemies. Apart from that, the writer cites many hadiths including the Prophet’s recommendations regarding how a Muslim should treat his family.