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The story of the Prophet Noah's life

S. Takdis

2016 Dec 22


The book tells about the life of the Prophet Noah, the first of the five great Islamic prophets sent to people by Allah. He is identified with the biblical Noah. His name is mentioned in numerous verses of the Qur'an, and the 71st surah, which was revealed in Makkah, bears his name.

The Qur'an says that the Prophet Noah, following Allah's command, started to preach monotheism to his pagan fellow tribesmen. People called him mad, insulted him, humiliated and threatened with stoning.

Noah’s admonitions were fruitless, so he begged Allah for help…


Takdis S. The story of the Prophet Noah's life / translated from Farsi by S. Tarasova. – М.: ООО Sadra, 2017. – 16 p. – [Prophets and Companions]