Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Perfect Man

М. Mutahhari

2017 Jan 17


Who is the perfect man? How one can reach that level? Is the perfect man a philosopher who has reached the ultimate mental level, or is it someone who thinks that the meaning of life is only love? Or perhaps, it is a strong and mighty human model created by Nietzsche, or someone who doesn’t have anything at all…

This book, one of the most popular works of the Muslim scholar Murtaza Mutahhari, contains an analysis of different schools’ views on the “perfect man” phenomenon. By means of studying Western and Eastern ideologies (including intra-Islamic ones) the author reveals a number of drawbacks that don’t allow these ideologies to raise a perfect man. Eventually, by means of precise intellectual analysis, Mutahhari concludes that only Islam, which is based on sacred laws and reflects all views of other ideologies, is able to raise a completely perfect man.


Murtaza Mutahhari. Perfect Man / translated from Farsi by M.Mahshulov. – Baku: “Patlag Imzalar” publishing house, 2016. – 368 p.