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for Islamic Studies

Land and legal relations in Dagestan in XV–XVII centuries

A.R. Magomedov, Z.M. Magomedov

2017 Mar 16


Studying land and legal relations of the Dagestan peoples is one of the most pertinent and important goals of history. The variety of development ways and forms in the regions of the republic, which differ in historical, natural and geographic conditions, attracts close attention of historians specializing in Dagestan studies. The development level of economic activity, principal land ownership and land rent forms, various ways of rent appropriation, and relationships between society members arising therefrom — these are the main aspects describing the society’s development level and its social and economical structure.

This book attempts to provide an objective description of different land ownership forms, observes the process of influence of feudal tenure on community, raises the question about correlation of local and imposed feudal system forms, and touches upon class disparity and social affiliation in highland communities of ХV-ХVII centuries.

For general audience.


Magomedov A.R, Magomedov Z.M. Land and legal relations in Dagestan in XV–XVII centuries. – М.: ООО Sadra, 2017. – 164 p.