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Practical mysticism. ‘Irfan-i 'amali

Sayyid Salman Safavi

2017 Aug 24


This book by Sayyid Salman Safavi, a modern representative of the Safaviyya Sufi order (tariqa), contains the description of basic concepts of mysticism in Islam. The author defines such notions as mysticism (‘irfan, tasavvuf), mystic (salik), mystic path (suluk), mystic journey (asfar) and demonstrates specific features of practical (‘amali) aspects of the Islamic mysticism.

The book is meant for researchers working on Islamic mysticism, practicing Muslims and general audience interested in Islamic culture, philosophy and poetry.


Sayyid Salman Safavi. Practical mysticism. ‘Irfan-i 'amali / translated from Persian by M.I. Gen, T.A. Zaglubotskaya; edited by N.I. Prigarina; reviewed by A.A. Lukashev.– М.: ООО Sadra, 2017. – 176 p.