Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Persia: the history of undiscovered land

A. B. Gromov, S. N. Tabai

2017 Sep 04


Not many states could counter the attacks of the Roman empire and win victories the way Persia did. Ancient towns, aqueducts and irrigation facilities of Persia boggle minds even in our days. “Shahnameh”, an epic poem written by the great Ferdowsi, is a source of many legends, including the one that mentions a king who thought its every line was worth gold. The UNESCO heritage list includes bridges and palaces built at the order of the shah Abbas the Great of Persia, who is often called the Iranian Peter the Great. Landmarks, paintings, portraits of government leaders can be seen on 500 coloured and black-and-white illustrations in this book. However, despite the worldwide fame of Persian poets and generals, the history of this ancient lands keeps many other secrets.


Gromov A.B. , Tabai S.N. Persia: the history of undiscovered land / edited by O.Shatokhina. – 3rd ed., enlarged. – М. : ООО Sadra, 2017. – 768 p.: with illustrations, 32 p. – (Traces of times).