Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Islamic banking

A.Yu. Zhuravlev

2017 Oct 13


The book develops the author’s first seminal work, “The theory and practice of Islamic banking”, which was published in 2002. The new monograph analyses the conceptual fundamentals of Islamic economy as a foundation of Islamic banking and demonstrates how religious and ethic precepts and prohibitions form distinguishing features of Islamic banking. It describes the ways used by Islamic banks to attract investment and to place it in assets. The work includes numerous examples from the experience of Islamic banks in Bahrain, United Kingdom, Malaysia, UAE, Pakistan and other countries. The book is concluded with an analysis of the current state of Islamic banking in the world.

The book is intended both for experts in economics and general audience.


A.Yu. Zhuravlev. Islamic banking / edited by А.O.Filonik. – М.: ООО Sadra, 2017. – 232 p. – [Economics and law].