Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Islamic management. Approaches

А.-N. Amiri, H. Abedi-Jafari

2017 Nov 28


The “Islamic management” book contains articles of many recognized Islamic scholars. It is the first book that approaches Islamic management not so much from practical, but rather from a theoretical point of view. The research has used such approaches as sensorial, empirical, rational, philosophical, mystical (based on religious and legal principles) and ethical approaches.  The book consists of two parts: the first part contains an analysis of Islamic management and its functioning; the second part reveals to the readers the major approaches towards the understanding of its nature. In order to ensure more profound understanding, the authors cite numerous Qur’anic verses, hadiths, sayings of the Imams and recognized Muslim philosophers.

In order to convey the content of the source in a more accurate way, the editors tried to leave its specific stylistics intact, and complemented the texts with a great number of references and explanations. An extensive reference list will help readers expand their knowledge of subjects related to Islamic management.


А.-N. Amiri, H. Abedi-Jafari. Islamic management. Approaches / translated from Farsi by I. Gibadullin; edited by S.Yu. Babenkova. – М.: ООО Sadra, 2018. – 328 p. – [Economics and law].