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Light and bread

Irfan Nazarahari

2018 Aug 11


The readers are offered a collection of stories entitled “Light and bread”, which consists of five parts: “The Prophet passed by our house”, “There is a whale beating in your chest”, “All the daughters of the earth are called Leyli”, “Two days left until the end of the world”, “I am the eighth one out of those seven”. All stories by Irfan Nazarahari are about people, truth and good deeds, love and beauty, responsibility and justice; about the light of knowledge that illuminates the darkness of ignorance; about self-understanding and one’s way to God.

These amazingly moving and deep parables written in a bright, beautiful and poetic language will allow thoughtful readers to discover the boundless world of Islam’s spiritual wisdom.


Irfan Nazarahari. Light and bread / I. Nazarahari; translated from Persian by Yu. Fedorova. – М. : ООО Sadra, 2018. – 224 p.