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Abstract This collection includes the works of outstanding representatives of the contemporary Iranian prose. Reza Amirkhani, Seyed Mehdi Shojai, Nader Ebrahimi and Sara Erfani are well-known in their country; now their works are available to Russian readers too. The authors create a colourful image of the everyday life of the modern Iran; demonstrate the morals of the Iranian society, but the main theme of most works is love. For general audience. Imprint The light of love and faith. Contemporary Iranian prose: collection [translated from Farsi by A.P. Andryushkin]. – М.: Veche, ООО Sadra, 2018. – 352 p.
Abstract This collection of works offers a review of the opinions of the most famous medieval Muslim thinkers’ (Al-Jahiz, Ibn Sahnun, al-Farabi, al-Qabisi and Ibn Sina) on education. Their extended philosophical legacy can make a great contribution to establishing an Islamic educational system, and can become a starting point for studying the history of Islamic thought and Islamic civilization on the whole. This book can be beneficial not only for practical studies, but can also be used for theoretical and research purposes, setting the stage for classification of educational schools in Islamic history, their analysis and criticism. The work is…
Abstract The monograph is dedicated to the work of A.E. Schmidt (1871–1939), a Russian orientalist. His teachers were V.R. Rosen, I. Goldziher, M. de Goeje, J. von Karabacek and other prominent experts in the Islamic East. I.Yu.Krachkovskiy, A.N. Samoylovich, V.I. Belyaev, P.P.Ivanov, E.M Peshchereva and many others considered themselves as Schmidt’s disciples. The book starts with an academic biography of A.E. Schmidt, which was prepared specially for this edition. The book contains unique materials from public and private archives in Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Tashkent. The edition is intended for all those interested in the Russian and Soviet Oriental studies…
Abstract This book is a collection of annotated academic translations of three versions of a classical story about Hayy ibn Yaqdhan by Ibn Sina, Suhrawardi and ibn Tufail. It offers three different viewpoints of medieval philosophers on what a human is. These works have influenced not only the Muslim world, but also the European literature. There is also a version of this novel written in Hebrew. This edition features an academic introduction and an appendix containing explanatory articles. The book is intended for a wide range of readers interested in the history of philosophy, culture and literature. Imprint A story…
Abstract The book is the result of the authors’ long-term research covering the history, economy, culture and social issues of Tunisia, which she visited many times. Drawing on various sources, the author takes her research to the end of 2017, paying attention to the “Arab Spring”, where Tunisia was at the forefront. Imprint Vidyasova M.F. Tunisia. The route to the 21st century / Vidyasova M.F.; RAS Insitute of Oriental Studies; MSU Institute of Asian and African countries. — М.: Sadra, 2018. — 696 p., illustrated. – (Islamic and pre-Islamic world: history and politics).
Abstract This is the first complete Russian translation of the book, which ranks second after the Holy Qur’an in terms of significance in the Muslim world. The “Way of eloquence” (Nahj al-Balagha) is widely studied in many Muslim universities, being an example of a sublime and eloquent linguistic style. The book is meant for students and university professors, as well as other readers. Imprint Imam Ali. Way of eloquence / translated from Arabic by T. Chernienko. – M.: OOO “Sadra”, 2018. – 400 p.
Abstract The eighth issue of the Islamic Philosophy Yearbook “Ishraq” contains more than twenty articles in Russian, English and French, dealing with a wide range of issues current in the Islamic philosophical thought and authored by the leading Russian and foreign experts. Imprint Ishraq: Islamic Philosophy Yearbook: 2017. № 8. — М.: Nauka — Vostochnaya literatura, 2017. — 391 p.
Abstract A novel by the Iranian writer M.Keysari tells about one day from the Prophet Muhammad’s life. The 4-year-old boy is raised by the family of his wet-nurse. One day some priests, who found out about the birth of the last Prophet, come to the tribe camp and try kidnapping him. The foster parents of the Prophet Muhammad have just one day to save him and bring him back to his mother and grandfather. For general audience. Imprint Keysari Majid. Three priests / translated from Farsi by S. Tarasova. – М.: ООО Sadra, 2018. – 208 p.