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Islamic Culture Research Foundation participates in Moscow International Book Fair 2016

2016 Aug 29

Moscow International Book Fair is the largest event of the book industry in Russia and one of the large-scale events abroad. This year it will take place on 7-11 September at VDNH in the pavilion 75.

Over 400 Russian publishing houses and participants from 35 foreign countries will attend the MIBF 2016. Among the special guests will be visitors from Greece.  

As always, the Islamic Culture Research Foundation and the Sadra publishing house will take part in this important event and will welcome the visitors at the booth A-34.

This year the Islamic Culture Research Foundation will present 3 new book series at the MIBF 2016:

The first one entitled “The current philosophic discourse” will be published under Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and edited by a famous doctor of philosophy M.M.T. Al-Janabi. The series will open with the following works:

Collection of articles “Islamic civilization. Past and Present”, which treats certain issues of the Islamic civilization in terms of historical, cultural and national identity;

Collection of articles “Islamophobia”, whose authors attempt to define the sources of this phenomenon, to classify it and to find a way to fight against hostility towards the “Other”.

“The modern culture of Iran” by N. Fazeli describing the cultural life of the contemporary Iran.

The second historical and cultural series is called “Traces of times”. It will be represented by a unique work by A. Gromov and S.N. Tabai, “Persia: the history of undiscovered land”.

The third series entitled “Religion in the modern world” will be devoted to current modern challenges. The first book of this series is written by H.R. Ayatollahi and edited by E.O. Akimushkina. It touches upon many important issues, such as feminism and its consequences, crisis of the family and marriage institutions, the role of women in the society, etc.

Apart from that, the Islamic Culture Research Foundation will present the novel of the modern Iranian writer Mohammad-Kazem Mazinani, “The last Salar”. It will be the part of the “Iranian bestseller” series.

And there is more to come! If you visit the booth A-34, you will definitely find something to your liking!

Last modified on 2016 Aug 30