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18th International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction “non/fictio№” to open soon

2016 Nov 15

On 30 November at 2 pm the 18th International Book Fair 
for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction “non/fictio№” will open its doors. Many book lovers are looking forward to this leading book event. At the “non/fictio№” fair you will be able to buy new editions of different publishing houses, to participate in literary discussions and to meet and talk to famous writers and other interesting people.

Traditionally, book publishers and book sellers from different countries will gather at the fair. The representatives of the United Kingdom will be guests of honour at the event.

The Islamic Culture Research Foundation will participate in the “non/fictio№” Fair for the 8th time. You will have a unique opportunity to see the majority of publications, as well as book novelties of 2016.

In the booth of the Islamic Culture Research Foundation you will see the following:

— Philosophical (“The Event and Things” by A.V. Smirnov, 7th edition of the the “Ishraq” Islamic philosophy yearbook), historical and religious (“Personality of the Prophet of Islam” in a new cover and “Personality of Ali ibn Abi Talib” by H. Saidi, “Wisdom of Worshipping to God” by A.D. Amoli) and historical (“Muslims in the Soviet Petrograd–Leningrad (1917–1991)” by R.I. Bekkin) books;

— Academic and non-fiction books: “Muslims in the New Imperial History” (compiled by V.O. Bobrovnikov), “Imam Ghazali’s Works” by A.A. Hismatulin, “The Treatise on Calligraphers and Artists” by Qazi Ahmad Qumi, “Persia: the history of undiscovered land” by A. Gromov and S.N Tabai. 

— social and philosophical books:

1) four books from the new series “Current philosophical discourse”: “Islamophobia”, “Islamic civilization. Past and Present”, “Modern Iranian Culture” and “Ideological processes in Iran” edited by M.M.T. Al-Janabi;

2) three books from the new series “Religion in the modern world”: “Feminology issues” by H.R. Ayatollahi, collection of articles “Topical questions of family education” edited by R.R. Izmaylov and “Islam and Modernism” edited by E.A. Frolova;

— Iranian non-fiction books: non-fiction prose “I am alive” by M. Abad, and “The last Salar” by M.K. Mazinani;

— books on Qur’anic studies (“The language of the Qur’an by A. Hoshmanesh”, “Lessons of the Qur’an” by G. Haddad-Adel);

— a new translation of the Qur’an based on the exegesis called “The light of the Holy Qur’an” and prepared for publishing together with the AST publishing house, and more…

On 3 December, Saturday, at 3 pm, there will be a presentation of book novelties of the year 2016. You will find out what the Islamic Culture Research Foundation is planning for 2017. Famous Russian and Iranian scholars and writers will participate in the presentation. A special guest — Syed Mehdi Shojaee, the author of the novels "Another storm is coming" and "Democracy and Demo Crazy", and a recently published parable for children “Friend is friend, enemy is enemy”, — will also attend the event.

We will be happy to welcome you at the “non/fictio№18” Fair, which will take place at Krymskiy val st., 10 (Central House of Artists), Moscow.  The Islamic Culture Research Foundation will occupy the booth F-10.

Opening hours

30 November: 2 pm — 8 pm

1 December: 11 am — 8 pm

2–3 December: 11 am — 9 pm

4 December: 11 am — 8 pm

You can find more information about the Fair at the official web-site of the event.

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