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We are looking forward to seeing you at the book fair in Saint-Petersburg on 25-28 May

2017 May 17

A little over a week is left until the annual landmark event of the Northern capital of our country, the 12th Saint-Petersburg International Book Salon.

During 4 days the exhibition visitors will not only see a huge number of books offered by over 240 publishing houses from Russia and CIS countries, but will also attend interesting literature events, including the “Bookworm” award ceremony, the roundtable discussion on “Popular literature of modern Russia between a letter and a figure”, wastepaper collection championship etc.

The Sadra publishing house and the Islamic Culture Research Foundation will participate in the Saint-Petersburg book exhibition for the second time. At the 12th Saint-Petersburg international Book Salon the visitors interested in Islamic culture will be able to see and to buy at a discounted price the following new books:

1) “Muslims in Soviet Petrograd — Leningrad. (1917–1991)” (R.I. Bekkin);

2) “Persia. The history of the undiscovered land” (A.B. Gromov, S.N. Tabai; “Traces of times” series);

3) “Abu al-Qasim al-Balhi and decline of Bagdad school of mu’tazilism” (F.O.Nofal; “Philosophic thought of Islamic world. Research” series”);

4) “Ideological processes in Iran” (edited and compiled by M. Al-Janabi, “Modern philosophical discourse” series);

5) “The personality of Fatima Zahra” (H. Sayidi; “The family of the Prophet” series);

6) “The values and principles of Islamic economy” (edited by V.S. Avtonomov; “Economics and law” series);

7) “Land and legal relations in Dagestan in XV–XVII centuries” (A.R. Magomedov, Z.M. Magomedov);

8) “Beyond the Caspian Sea” (M.J. Asman);

9) “The final episode of the world” (Alireza Ghazveh);

10) “How to talk to You?” (S.M. Shojai; “Neyestan” series);

11) “The love’s name and tribe” (adaptation by M.R.Yusefi, “Shahnameh” series;

12) “A common fortune-teller and a fortune-teller of the padishah” (Yagane Moradi Lake; “Shekarestan series”).

You will also be able to buy other books of the Sadra publishing house and the Islamic Culture Research Foundation, including scientific, science fiction, children’s books; books on philosophy, religion, culture, art and many others.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the booth 339 (see the directions below). Every visitor is welcome!

Exhibition venue: Michael Manege, Saint-Petersburg.

Information about opening hours is available at the official web-site of the event.

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