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30th Tehran Exhibition is over

2017 May 17

The 30th Tehran Exhibition took place in the capital of Iran on 3-13 May. It was held in an international format. Over 2800 publishing houses from 24 countries participated in the event and presented their booths with non-fiction and fiction books in different languages, for readers of all ages.

During this biggest book event Russia presented its books in a separate booth. The books in Russian also included the works of the Islamic Culture Research Foundation and the Sadra publishing house. 

Italy was the special guest of the 30th Tehran Exhibition. It should be noted that the special guest of the last year was Russia. Now, according to agreements reached between Iran and Russia, Iran will become a regular participant of the annual Moscow International Book Fair, and Russia will take part in the annual Tehran Exhibition on a regular basis.

It can seem strange, but Russian books are really in demand in Tehran. There are many students in Iran specializing in the Russian language and literature, and there are also many people who expressinterest, be it professional or not, in Russian books and Russian culture.

You will find the photo report for the 30th Tehran Exhibition below.

Last modified on 2017 May 19