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MIBF: anniversary fair

2017 Aug 24

The 30th Moscow International book fair will take place very soon. It will be held on 6-10 September in the pavilion no.75 at the VDNKh. This year the festival “National literature of peoples of Russia” is going to be a guest of honour at the book fair. Representatives of Russian indigenous ethnic groups will come to Moscow in order to familiarize the visitors with their authentic culture and languages.

The Islamic Culture Research Foundation is taking part in the MIBF for the 8th time and will present its books together with the Sadra publishing house at the booth A-38 (Non-fiction section, see the plan below). Apart from the books issued before, in our booth you will be able to look through and to buy the new books:

1) Persia. The history of the undiscovered land (A.B. Gromov, S.N. Tabai; 3rd edition, enlarged);

2) Practical mysticism. ‘Irfan-I ‘amali (S.S. Safavi; 2nd edition, revised);

3) The scattered and the organized: cognitive methods of the Arab Muslim culture (editor-in-chief A.V. Smirnov);

4) “The first Nowruz in the world” (M.R. Yusefi; 6th edition of the Shahnameh series);

5) “The unknown disease” (S.J.Rahnama; 7th edition of the Shekarestan series);

6) “One is smart, the other is smarter” (M.Barabadi; 8th edition of the Shekarestan series).

Opening hours for visitors:

6 September: 13:00–20:00;

7–9 September: 10:00–20:00;

10 September: 10:00–17:00.

More details about the fair are available at the official MIBF website.

Visit us at the booth A-38! Everybody is welcome!

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