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Speech of Abdusalam Guseinov, academic advisor of the RAS Institute of Philosophy

2017 Oct 10

In his speech the academician A. Guseinov emphasized the importance of the conference as one of the stages of cooperation between Russian and Iranian philosophers. He noted that the name “Revolution and evolution” became a slogan for the events held by the Institute of Philosophy during this anniversary year of the Russian revolution, which proves significance of the conference for the Institute’s intellectual life.

Besides, according to A. Guseinov, the activities that the conference is a part of are of global importance, since there are many prejudices related to Islam and Islamic culture, and “overcoming these prejudices is a big mission carried out by means of cooperation between our philosophical communities”.

He also expressed confidence that the “analysis of these two tendencies (revolutionary and evolutionary — editor’s note) in Islamic culture will help us find our way in the modern world”.

The international conference “Revolution and evolution in Islamic thought and history” attended by Russian and Iranian experts in different areas of humanities knowledge took place on 5-6 October in the RAS Institute of Philosophy.

The conference materials are available at the official website of the RAS Institute of Philosophy.

Photo by Dina Anokhina

Last modified on 2017 Oct 27