Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Islamic Culture Research Foundation at Saint Petersburg International Book Fair

2018 May 22

Islamic Culture Research Foundation took part in Saint Petersburg International Book Fair.

At the event, which took place on 17-20 May 2018, the visitors had an opportunity to get acquainted with the Foundation’s books. The most popular ones included “A.E. Schmidt: biography, academic correspondence, selected works, bibliography”, “The story about Hayy ibn Yaqdhan” and “Tunisia: the route to 21st century”. Famous academics, writers, translators, authors, editors and those interested in Islamic culture visited the booth. Our permanent authors and dear colleagues – S.M. Prozorov, A.A.Khismatullin, A.P.Andryushkin and O.M.Yastrebova – also participated in the event.

During the event the President of the Foundation and the general director of the Sadra publishing house conducted meetings with leading experts in Islamic and Iranian studies in Saint Petersburg. New books of the Foundation were given to the library of the Centre for studying the written legacy of Iran and Islam.

Saint Petersburg International Book Fair is one of the most important book events in Russia along with the Moscow International Book Fair and non/fiction. It is held in Saint Petersburg every year. The Book Fair is organized by the Government of Saint Petersburg and the Russian Book Union.

Last modified on 2018 May 28