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International Conference “Soul and body in Islam and Christianity”

2018 Dec 31

The Philosophy and Theology Department, in collaboration with the Institute of Islamic Sciences and Culture, decided to conduct another conference on 4-5 March 2020, based on the positive experience in organizing the previous conference in Iran, which took place in March 2011, was attended by many foreign scholars and resulted in publication of 7 volumes of conference proceedings and 15 books on conference topics.   This event will focus on the relationship between soul and body and will be entitled “Soul and body in Islam and Christianity”. The purpose of this conference is to explore the most important philosophical and theological issues at the premises of some universities.

 Special attention will be given to such issues as philosophical definition of the soul, philosophy of consciousness, current understanding of immortality in terms of philosophy and Islamic theology, philosophical anthropology in Abrahamic religions (primarily, in Christianity and Islam).

The preparation for this conference, which will take place with contribution from the Ibn Sina Foundation, will start on 5-6 March 2019.

Main themes of the conference: notions of death and immortality, criteria of personal identity, life after death and over 40 other subjects. The participants have already been requested to provide abstracts. 

Last modified on 2019 Jan 23