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Ibn Sina Foundation’s book exhibition at the 3rd all-Russian academic and theological conference dedicated to Sh. Marjani

2019 Jan 17

On 5-8 December 2018 the 3rd all-Russian academic and theological conference “Shihabeddin Marjani readings” on “Muslim civilization of Eurasia: the concept of ummah development” took place in Moscow.

The Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation organized a book exhibition within the framework of the conference. The following new editions of the Ibn Sina Foundation and the Sadra publishing house were presented: “Upbringing and education from the perspective of Muslim thinkers” (Volume 2), “The man on the minbar. The image of a spiritual leader in Tatar and Turkish literature (end of 19th - first third of 20th century)”, “Bayt Al-Hikma. The history of academy of sciences in the East”, “The Qur’an in the culture of Muslim peoples”, “The correct balance” (al-Qastas al-Mustaqim), “Music in the context of Islam: traditions of Iran”, “Libya. Where is the country of 140 tribes going?”, “Spaces and meanings. Memorable chapters of the Arab world history”.

Damir Mukhetdinov, first deputy chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation, principal of the Moscow Islamic Institute; Umar Idrisov, president of the Imam Abu Hanifa Foundation; Gayaz Zakerov, head of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Nizhniy Novgorod region; and Vyacheslav (Ali) Polosin, deputy director of the Islamic Culture, Science and Education Support Foundation, expressed a high opinion of the Ibn Sina Foundation’s book exhibition and emphasized the importance of the precious Islamic legacy for the youth. The exhibition attracted  the attention of other forum participants, who also expressed their interest.  The visitors came to the booth, looked through the books and exchanged their views on the Foundation’s new editions.

The following lectures were delivered during the Shihabeddin Marjani readings:

“Modernization of Muslim communities in 19th-20th centuries: theology, philosophy, state and law”;

“Theological challenges in the modern world”;

“Islamic psychology and pedagogics in Russia: current challenges and prospects”;

“Challenges of the Arabic teaching methodology”;

“Continuity of generations and the role of the youth in establishing spiritual values in the Eurasian space”;

“Muslim publishing in Russia: current state and prospects”.

Mr. Mehdi Sanai, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Russia, also delivered a speech. He emphasized the importance of using Sh. Marjani’s works and ideas in the Islamic educational system, as well as for the purpose of everyone’s intellectual development.

Some guests, who expressed interest in the books of the Ibn Sina Foundation, received gifts.

Shihabeddin Marjani, who died in 1889, was one of the most prominent philosophers and fakihs of Tatarstan, and is still revered in this region. Thanks to his historical works, he became known as “The Tatar Herodotus”. Sh. Marjani had an excellent command of Arabic and Persian, and his works covered different challenges faced by the Muslims of his time.

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