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Ibn Sina Foundation participated in the 27th Qur’an exhibition

2019 May 29

At the 27th book fair, the Ibn Sina Foundation presented its books devoted to the Qur’an and Islamic studies. The event took place on 11-26 May 2019 in Tehran.

The Marjani foundation and the Moscow Islamic Institute also participated in the exhibition at the invitation of the Ibn Sina Foundation and presented some of their editions.

On Tuesday, 14 May, a special event called “Peaceful coexistence of religions in Russia in the context of the Qur’an”m which was devoted to Russia, took place at the booth of the Ibn Sina Foundation.

Rinat Ibragimov, head of the International Department of the Moscow Islamic Institute, delivered a speech at this event. He spoke about the role of Islam and Muslims in Russia, as well as different Islamic events held during the blessed month of Ramadhan.

When presenting the book “The history of Islam in Russia”, Rinat Ibragimov drew attention to the friendly relations between the Russian Muftis Council and the representatives of Iran. He also briefly informed the audience about the history of Islam in Russia, emphasizing the peaceful coexistence of different religions in Russia, and the role of culture in the development of this interaction.

One of the speakers was Taras Chernienko, translator of important Islamic books into Russian. He spoke about his work on translating and commenting of the “Peak of Eloquence” (Nahj al-Balagha) and noted that this book is supposed to curb different kinds of intolerance.

On Saturday, 18 May, a lecture “Family in Russia and the Qur’an’s cultural potential” was held by Mikhail Simonov and Viktoria Prokopenko at the booth of the Ibn Sina Foundation. Mr. Simonov noted that Russia is a multi-ethnic, multi-confessional country and said: “Muslims and the followers of other religions live peacefully side by side in Russia. Thanks to my contacts with the Russian Islamic community I got to know the Islamic culture”. He also added that the Russian culture  is basically a big family.

The Ibn Sina Foundation participated in the 27th international exhibition devoted to the Qur’an at the invitation of Dr. Vaizi, director of the International Department of the Exhibition.

Last modified on 2019 May 30