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“Rustam’s mothers” and “The spells for catching thieves”

2017 Jun 21

The Sadra publishing house has added new books to the “Shahnameh” and “Shekarestan” series for children, namely the books “Rustam’s mothers” and “The spells for catching thieves”. The first book, “Rustam’s mothers”, contains a story about the miraculous baby Rustam, son of the legendary hero Zal, who needed so much milk that his parents summoned wet nurses from all Iranian nations and tribes to calm him down. This is how the mothers of Iran nurtured a famous hero and a powerful protector of their motherland. For children aged 12+.

“The spells for catching thieves” is an amusing story about a common peasant Bastur who gave a good lesson to a thief. He secretly told his wife about the spells that make people rich, and a thief who overheard him decided to rob Bastur's house. However, the spells didn’t work…For children aged 6+.

Last modified on 2017 Jun 22