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New children’s books from Sadra publishing house

2017 Sep 06

The Sadra publishing house has issued three new books from children. They continue the “Persian tales” book line.

“The first Nowruz in the world” is a new edition of the Shahnameh series, which tells about how people started to celebrate Nowruz — the start of spring — for the first time in the world. The tradition was established by the king Jamshid after defeating dreadful devas who made people suffer. For children aged 12 and above.

“The unknown illness” is the 7th edition of the Shekarestan series. This is an amusing yet instructive story about a teacher whose students painted his face with turmeric and persuaded him he was ill. For children aged 6 and above.

“One is smart, the other is smarter” is the 8th edition of the Shekarestan series. This book tells about a foreigner who visited Shekarestan and brought an ancient broken lock from there. One Shekarestanian, Samad, had given this lock to him and had to pay a price for it afterwards. He laughed at the foreigner, but turned out to be more stupid than him. For children aged 6 and above.

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