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New books for children

2017 Nov 23

The Sadra Publishing house has prepared and issued five new books for children: “Salm, Tur and Iraj” (Shahnameh series), “Not all troubles come from mice” (Neyestan series), “Stories about sahabas” (Prophets and Sahabas series), “Ancestors’ memories” and “The treasure chest” (Shekarestan series).

The 7th edition of the Shahnameh series entitled “Salm, Tur and Iraj” tells about a sinister prophecy of an old stargazer, which disturbed the ruler of the world, a father of three sons Fereydun. The stargazer foretold a soon-to-be fight for the throne that would divide the world and would turn the ruler’s family into a battle field. But everything turned out to be even worse than it had been predicted…For children aged 12+.

The new book of the Neyestan series — “Not all troubles come from mice” — tells the reader about the problems faced by one village: its residents are haunted by mice. The mice became so numerous that the villagers are almost doomed to perish. The village chief decides to bring cats for help. It was all fine, but suddenly the cats started to behave oddly: they bring less and less mice. The villagers decide to find out what happened. It turns out that the cats are in league with the village chief — it seems someone doesn’t want the mice to disappear. For children aged 12+.

“Stories about sahabas” is a wonderful book for those who want to know how the Prophet Muhammad’s companions lived. It consists of five short enlightening stories about different characters, each of them featuring the Prophet. The stories are based on authentic hadiths and have been written in simple language for children’s reading. This book is meant for children aged 12 and older, but it is also suitable for younger children.

“Ancestors’ memories” and “The treasure chest” are the 9th and 10th issues of the Shekarestan series. These are two interesting and enlightening stories about consequences that a deceitful, greedy and insincere person can face. As it is always the case in Persian tales, the good triumphs over the evil thanks to wisdom. For children aged 6+.

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