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New edition of the “Ishrak” Islamic philosophy yearbook

2018 Jan 24

The 8th edition of the “Ishrak” (“Illumination”) Islamic philosophy yearbook is out of print. It has been published in cooperation with Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences, the Iranian Philosophy Institute and the Islamic Culture Research Foundation.

The central theme of the eighth issue of the yearbook is Plato and Platonism in Islamic philosophy, to which the eleven articles that form the first section are devoted.

The second section, “Logic of Sense”, consists of Andrey Smirnov’s article, dealing with translation as the production of meaning (based on the comparative analysis of fragments from Russian, English and French translations of Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddima).

The third section is devoted to Islamic Mysticism and Sufism. More than half of its ten articles deal with different aspects of the teaching of Muhy al-Din Ibn ‘Arabi (thus establishing a sort of dialogue with the materials of the first section, devoted to Plato and Platonism). Among its materials, of particular importance is Masoud Dehesh’s critical edition of Shāh Niʿmatullāh Walī’s Treatise Bayān-i khullat-I Khalīlallāh.

The fourth section consists of two articles, dealing with the moral philosophy and ethics.

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