Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Results of Ibn Sina grant competition

2018 Apr 01

The Islamic Culture Research Foundation has approved the following applications:

        publishing grants:

1) V.A. Kuznetsov., D.E. Mishin, V.V. Orlov ; “Spaces and meanings. Memorable pages of the history”;

2) A.T. Sibgatullina “A man at the minbar. The image of a religious leader in Tatar and Turkish literature (end of 19th — first third of the 20th century)”;

3) V.S. Khaziyev, E.V Khaziyeva. “Perception of the Absolute in medieval Arab Muslim rationalism” (study guide);

4) A.A.Hismatullin. “The falsification attributed to Nizam al-Mulk” .

        research grants:

1) R.S. Abdulmajidov, Sh.Sh.Shikhaliyev, M.G.Shekhmagomedov “Disputes about Wahhabism in Arabic-language works of Dagestanian scholars in the first half of the 20th  century”;

2) D.Kh.Akbasheva, J.K.Khalirakhmanov, A.R. Azamatova “Dini wa ijtimagi masalalar” (“Religious and social issues”): translation; theological, historical and culturological comments”;

3) D.Z. Mardanova. “Islamic and Christian disputes in the Volga-Ural region in the end of 19th — beginning of 20th century”;

4) M.J. Nazarli. “Islamic art sketches”;

5) F.O. Nofal. “The dialectics of the Abrahamic symbol”;

6) I.R. Saitbattalov, Yu.A. Saitbattalova. “Tawarih-I Bulgariyya” M.-A. Chukuri: translation, historical, culturological, theological comments”

The Foundation representatives will directly contact the authors of the approved applications regarding grants.

Last modified on 2018 Apr 03