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Second volume of "Upbringing and education from the perspective of Muslim scholars" published

2018 May 26

A new book – the long-awaited second volume of "Upbringing and education from the perspective of Muslim scholars" – has been published as a part of the "Islamica & Orientalistica" series, which was launched in 2015 in cooperation with the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies. The edition was prepared by the Sadra publishing house in cooperation with the Hawza and University Research Centre and the Islamica Academic and Educational Centre.

This collection of works offers a review of the opinions of the most famous medieval Muslim thinkers’ (Al-Jahiz, Ibn Sahnun, al-Farabi, al-Qabisi and Ibn Sina) on education.

Their extended philosophical legacy can make a great contribution to establishing an Islamic educational system, and can become a starting point for studying the history of Islamic thought and Islamic civilization on the whole.

This book can be beneficial not only for practical studies, but can also be used for theoretical and research purposes, setting the stage for classification of educational schools in Islamic history, their analysis and criticism.

The book is meant for experts in Islamic education, as well as a wide range of reader interested in the development of Islamic philosophical thought.

Last modified on 2018 May 28