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"Perception of The absolute in the medieval Arab-Islamic rationalism" study guide is out of print

2019 Mar 13

The study guide written by Valeriy Khaziyev and Elena Khaziyeva — "Perception of The absolute in the medieval Arab-Islamic rationalism" — became one of the winners of the Ibn Sina publishing grant contest and was published with the support of the Akmulla Bashkir State Pedagogical University in March 2019.

This work is devoted to the correlation of two major categories of the medieval Islamic philosophy: the absolute and the truth. Although these terms are interpreted differently in different Islamic schools and movements, what is meant is the single universal foundation of creation and the genuineness of its manifestations.

In order to avoid specialized theological arguments, the authors replaced such words as “God”, “Allah”, “Lord”, “Almighty” with their philosophic equivalent, that is “the Absolute”. The books presents the main ideas of Mu’tazilism, falsafa, ishrakism, Ismailism of the classical period in a chronological order.

The book was prepared in accordance with the federal state educational standard of the Russian Federation and can be used by students (shakirds) of Islamic educational institutions (universities, madrasas) with necessary volume adjustments. The work can be helpful for academics who teach undergraduate students studying Islamic history and culture. The content of the book can be used for advanced training courses for Islamic teachers, religious figures and employees of Religious Boards of Muslims.

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