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Economics and law

2016 Jun 01

The "Economics and law" series was launched in 2016 by the Sadra publishing house with the support of the Islamic Culture Research Foundation. Currently it includes five works; three of them are related to law, and two are devoted to economics.

The first one is Mehdi Sanai’s book entitled “Islamic law and politics: past and present”, which contains the lectures delivered by the author over the period of a few years at the department of the philosophical and political thought of the East at the  State Academic University for Humanities.

The second and third books are “Islamic law: study guide. Vol. 1 (compiled by Muhammad Reza Moshfegi Pur) and “Islamic law: economics and social relations. Vol.2”. They include lessons on Islamic law according to the fatwas of ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei. The lessons deal with the main concepts of Islamic law, such as ritual purity (taharat), prayer (salah), fasting, contract, medical matters etc.

The fourth work entitled “The values and principles of Islamic economy” describes the specific features of Islamic economy, including moral and ethical aspects.

The fifth book — “Islamic banking” — addresses conceptual fundamentals of Islamic economy as the foundation of Islamic banking, and demonstrates how religious and ethical precepts define the features of Islamic banking.

Two more works on economics — “Islamic management. Approaches” by A.-N. Amiri and H. Abedi-Jafari and a collection of articles called “Islamic economy” — are expected to be published soon.



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