Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

We are inviting you to attend the second Red Square book festival

2016 Jun 03

On 3-6 June the second Red Square book festival will take place in the very centre of Moscow. This year it coincides with the birthday of A.S. Pushkin and the Russian Language Day. Last year it was held for the first time in such a format, and has become an annual event ever since.

Over 400 Russian publishing houses are taking part in the festival. The space from the Saint Basil’s Cathedral to the History Museum will be occupied by the best books, including the books of the Sadra publishing house and the Islamic Culture Research Foundation.

The guests of festival will see latest novelties of the contemporary literature. The fair visitors will have access to around 100,000 books, including fiction, non-fiction, educational, children’s book, as well as other editions in Russian and other languages of the country. All this wide range of books will be available for purchase at the fair 25% cheaper compared to shop prices.

On the occasion of the Year of Cinema, which was announced in 2016, the festival will feature film adaptations of many well-known literary works.

The festival programme is based on the principles of openness, multimedia approach, dialogue and free access to information.

Guests, readers, writers and everyone else can attend the Red Square book festival free of charge. 

Last modified on 2016 Jun 06